Monday, March 26, 2012

A Lot of Distress, literally...

went into this jacket. Honestly, most of it was accidental, but when you have lemons...well you know the rest.

After bleaching (diluted next time) I just winged it. Some times it's hard to stop when you refashion a denim jacket. It's just so easy to add everything that you've stashed away, but I restrained myself. Of course, I'm not quite done so one never knows where it will end.

 Here are a few pictures of my journey. I'll skip the throwing in the bleach part.

What can I say?

This is a much loved and well-worn linen shirt.

I used Fusible Fleece and did some free motion sewing.
At least there is something to look at other than bleached denim. I also took a large doily apart and attached it to the collar.

I'm not done yet, but getting close and I'll post the final pictures as soon as I'm finished.

Just ran across a nice blog by Diane Ricks  Her blog is inspiring and reminds me of how much I like working with dye.

See ya soon.

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  1. That's cute, Dolly. See you Thursday. Hopefully.