Monday, March 12, 2012

It seems like forever since I was here...

but I have been busy, just like all of you. 

I have worked on the dress and it turned out cute, but I think I'll be doing some new pics soon.  However, it is finished and it will be perfect for spring and summer and a young person to wear it. Just took a look, wow, that sure is green!  Looks brighter than it really is.

I trimmed the armholes with matching fabric.


The lace on the bodice was perfect for the pink silk ribbon I had in my supplies.

I did a little gathering at the hem and added a small bow of the pink silk.

Honestly, had forgotten how simple it is to cover buttons!

I do have a few other things partly made which probably means I must have a short attention span and happily jump to the next adventure.

Actually, my biggest accomplishment this week was "organizing" my sewing/computer/exercise room. Bought a label maker and I'm sure that will fix everything!  Great fun!
Talk to you soon.

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  1. Hi Dolly. Cute dress, and perfect for St.Pat's Day! Very "botiqueish".