Friday, February 10, 2012

How quickly things change...

like the weather. Yes, I know that is a boring subject, but right now we have a couple of inches of new snow. So my outdoor photographs will have to wait.

Plus, the doc wasn't thrilled that I was even walking around. The cast has come off, but now I'm stuck with one of those gigantic boots for several more weeks. Deja vu allover again, as they say.  Last year it was the other foot. That was a nasty break and took almost a year to really heal.  So enough of all that.

I've been looking at some vintage garments I have and haven't picked up the scissors yet.  Decisions.

I'll show you what I did complete recently. It's a fun babydoll style dress that's made using cotton sweaters, plaid cotton and linen. This is a pre-snow pic.
This has been added to my Etsy shop

Wonder if I can convince hubby to take me to a thrift store this weekend. ?

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