Thursday, February 9, 2012

Got a start...

and even though it was 27 degrees I realized I had to do my photography outside. There just wasn't a good spot inside. It was either wrong color walls or too many windows. So I picked a spot, donned my parka and fingerless gloves, covered my cast and dragged everything outside.

Things may look balmy, but that grass was crunching under my feet and beyond that is ice, not water. But, the sun was sort of shining so life was good.
Dead and neglected...for now

I did a couple of photos for my Etsy shop Looking at them again, I see that they are a little tilted, something I neglected to check. Actually, my hands got so cold that I had to run them under barely lukewarm water. Hey, where is the glamour?

Let's see a couple of these slightly tilted photos and maybe I can get used to them until it warms up outside.

Thanks for stopping by and there will be more soon.   Hopefully, the cast may come off today and then hello thrift stores.


  1. Hi Dolly. Your pieces are fabulous!

  2. Very nice! And yes, funky is a good description.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the nice words. As long as we have fun then life is good, right?